Funding and Finance

It can be seen the receipt in 2012 - 2014, the main income of Unmul was the highest income from RM (Rupiah Murni) in 2013, yet during 3 years, the total income tended to going stable even though it decreased from 2013-2014. Other incomes increased significantly 2012-2013 and decreased in 2014. the non-operational income decreased and it was not income completely in 2013. The PNBP's income and the service's income increased significantly in 2012-2014.

Budgeting and Financial Realization of Mulawaraman University

Based the data of finance department in 2014 in term of 5 years, from 2010-2014, all budgets and realization were diferrent in yearly. yet the budgets were always bigger than budgeting's realization. In 2010, the difference budgeting and realization Rp. 25 billion, in 2011, the difference was Rp. 135 billion. In 2012, there was a realization margin about Rp. 90 billion. Furthermore, in 2013 and 2014, the difference budgeting and realization was about Rp.60 and 50 billion. the budgeting and budgeting's realization of Unmul is whown in table 14.

Based on the data in 2014, it can be known the budgets' compitition and the realization for personnel expenditure, daily goods, and social assistance done by Unmul that is shown in table 15. Estimated budgets for personnel expenditures in 2010-2014 were approximately 30%-55%, yet the realization was 40%-60%. To daily shopping goods, it was about 25%-40%, realization was about 20% less than 40%. The capital expenditure was 10%-35% and the realization 8%-30%. Estimated budgets and realization budgets and social assistance in 2010-2014 were relative to stay the same.

Accountable Financial Performance

The opinion of the financial report of Unmul in 2013 has got back WDP, that got unqualified opinion or Unqualified (WTP) for the financial report in 2014. The enhancement opinion for the financial report is because of the internal control supervisor (SPI) Mulawarman University and finance department for the information system and the financial application report.